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Te-Moana-Nui-A-kiwa Embassy

We encourage the NZ POLICE to please contact our friendly  Ambassadors - before you arrest any of our DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARD bearers.  Our friendly team are available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Call us if you are a TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARD bearer who resides within the islands of TE-IKA-A-MAUI or TE-WAKA-A-MAUI & needs our HELP to defuse an issue with the NZ POLICE, ORANGA TAMARIKI, NZ MINISTRY OF FISHERIES or if you require SCHOOL & VACCINE EXEMPTION then we can help.

Welcome to Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy


We work with many Native Authorites and our aim is to Protect the People of the Pacific

Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy is officially conducting the Largest Diplomatic Mission in modern History and works with Maori Ranger Security Division, and Hawaiin Federal Marshalls , and Common Law Embassy as well as many other Native & Indigenous Peoples and  Authorities within the islands of the Pacific.


Public Notice Board

26th    OCTOBER 2021 - HUI    Maori Rangers Only 

27-28  OCTOBER 2021 - HUI    Tinorangatira O Nga Hapu Only ​


 Purpose: Tinorangatira of each Hapu nation wide are invited to meet at Paeahi Komiti Marae for huihui  to discuss matters  of great importance and exchange solutions.  If you still need to activate your Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu?  We can  offer assistance with structuring  your Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu in accordance to 1835 He Whakaputanga.

NEW ADDRESS: Paeahi Komiti Marae, Marae in Coromandel,  Colville Road, Coromandel 3584


PLEASE NOTE:   There is a group charging $200 for an affadavit of life - we do not endorse this group as they are encouraging people to use fake names and are confusing people with unnecessary paperwork. 


We are conducting an Official Pacific Island Diplomatic Mission and any requests for fake names will be refused and money refunded.


If you are after paperwork - Peter can provide free exit-nz-gov paperwork that was recognised by the Minister Internal Affairs in 2010. Please learn about your Native & Indigenous Rights, about Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Jurisdiction & the true histories of these islands before doing any paperwork. 


Please learn about Wakaminenga O Nga Hapu and how the New Zealand Government is bound by the Te Tiriti O Waitangi - which states that Wakamienga-O-Nga-Hapu is the authoritive body - this is essential for all Hapu Members to learn. In addition ther Kupapa Suppression Action 2020  Lore is a protectorate that stops traitors from representing Wakamienga-O-Nga-Hapu and Kupapa Suppression Action was lodged with Crown Law Office on the 22nd January 2021


Our Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Diplomatic Immunity SEA PASS Identity Cards are multi-purpose, affordable, are authentic and our team hold the correct credentials to produce and distribute our SEA PASS product

All people applying for our Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Diplomatic Immunity SEA PASS Identity Cards must be born within Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa and provide Photo Identification ( children can show birth certs & new borns applying for baby certs use their parents photo identification)


For Security and Safety  and Cultural Respect Reasons there will be no Resident or Citizens born outside of Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa granted our Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Diplomatic Immunity SEA PASS Identity Cards  unless they are Maori or Pacific Island Peoples born overseas or have other Ancestral or Special Reasons

We use the names as per your current identification - please be aware of groups encouraging fake names to be used, as there is no need to use fake names as we genuinely have Diplomatic Immunity based on our Royal 1834 Diplomatic Trading Flag


The Vienna Convention also states the recieving state members choose who is eligable for Diplomatic Immunity & 1840 Te Tiriti it states the WAKAMINENGA O NGA HAPU are the recieving state members.  This is the importance of learning the Native & Indigenous Histories.  We encourage all Native and Indigenous Peoples to learn these matters - we can not stress this point enough - as there are many other distraction groups that are confusing our Pacific Peoples with unnessasry paperwork.


We thank you for your support and will be uploading regular updates of our Project Progress.


Please check out Peter Martin's new website


Our Diplomatic Mission is protected by the United Nations Safety & Security Services since May 2004 and is officially the largest Diplomatic Mission in Modern History.

Our Diplomatic Mission is to inform the people of correct Historical Accounts, achieve freedom for all people and to protect Indigenous and Native Peoples from the harmful experiences caused by systemic racism. Systemic Racism is an unfortunate fact for many people around the world and by challenging the systemic mechanisms used by governments is how we will collectively achieve true freedom.

Due to popular demand please expect delays of 2- 4 weeks with our online card orders.

Our team are working 7 days a week to keep up with demand & we thank-you for your patience.

Our team have been hindered by New Zealand Government Agency interference & we are collecting evidence of these events for International Review and Publication. 

Updated reports of these issues will be published on our websites in August 2021

Our team does not receive any funding which effects our ability to employ the staff required to keep up with demand. As we expand our Diplomatic Mission new challenges occur for our team, however by growing in numbers is how we can achieve better outcomes for our Island Nation.  So we thank you all greatly for your support, for buying our cards and for participating in the largest Diplomatic Mission in modern history.

Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy

Head Ambassador 

Monica Eastick



The Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy was designed to assist people who reside on the Islands that lay within the Te-Moana-Nui-Kiwa Islands that spans between Hawaii, Rapanui & Te-Ika-A-Maui & Te-Waka-A-Maui.


The Embassy is currently based upon the Islands of

Te-Ika-A-Maui & Te-Waka-A-Maui, however our Embassy Ambassadors  are planning on traveling to Hawaii, Rapanui and Rarotonga to make friends with our cousins on the other Islands.

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Chatham Islands 

Trainee Ambassador

Diplomatic Card Merchant

Tama Tuuta-Thompson

Te-Ika-A-Maui Ambassador

Colt Gregory

9 River Road 


021 213 00 00





Monica Eastick & Peter Martin are available 24/7 days a week, for DIPLOMATS who reside within the Islands of Te-Ika-A-Maui & Te-Waka-A-Waka

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Monica Eastick

Te-Waka-A-Maui Ambassador







Petera Hallett

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Peter Martin 

Head Ambassador 

Common Law Embassy 





How we Can Help You

TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA EMBASSY offers DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY for all people who were born within the TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA Jurisdiction.


TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA Jurisdiction spans between the Islands and waters that lay between HAWAII, RAPANUI, TE-IKA-A-MAUI & TE-WAKA-A-MAUI.

Adults and kids Diplomatic Immunity Cards are valid for 10 years & Baby cards valid 5 years

Diplomatic Immunity Cards

$50 Adults & $25 Kids 18 and under

1 x Card for 10 years

Baby cards last for 5 years 

Replacement Card or Alterations Cost $40 Kids $20

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To order a DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY card for yourself or your child, please order online or contact our ambassadors:


Phone 1: (+64)  0212632032     Monica


To place card orders please contact:



Credit Card Order form is at the bottom of the page.

or go to the Maori Ranger ​Security Division website


when emailing us please send us:

1) ADULTS please send us a photo of your driver licence or passport or 18+ card

2) CHILDREN please send us a photo of your birth certificate

3) MAORI please send us the name of your hapu for your WAKAMINENGA O NGA HAPU that sits on top of your card

4) PAKEHA please send us your chosen banner that sits on the top of your card, as WAKAMINENGA is culturally sacred to MAORI











If you need help choosing your CARD BANNER we can assist you also.

Diplomatic Immunity Cards

$50 Adults & $25 Kids 18 and under

1 x Card for 10 years

Replacement Card or Alterations Cost $40 Adults

Replacement Card $20 Kids & Baby

Postage Fees

*  FREE Regular Post within Te-Waka-A-Maui & Te-Ika-A-Maui


*  $10 standard area overnight courier track n trace within Te-Waka-A-Maui & Te-Ika-A-Maui

*  $20 for rural delivery courier track n trace within Te-Waka-A-Maui & Te-Ika-A-Maui

*  $20 regular mail to Australia and other countries 

*  $50-$100 to Australia and other countries courier track n trace 


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