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te-moana-nui-a-kiwa embassy ambassadors

Our friendly Embassy Ambassadors assist people who were born within TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA.

Our AMBASSADORS can issue DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARDS to anyone who is born within TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA.


DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CARDS are a necessity for Polynesian People who live in a modern world - because Polynesian People have unique cultural values that need to be protected.


Here at the Te-Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa Embassy we understand Polynesian People and when a Polynesian gets into trouble with the Police, Ministry of Fisheries or Oranga Tamariki:  whilst residing within the  Islands of TE-WAKA-A-MAUI or TE-IKA-A-MAUI both the NEW ZEALAND Authorities  and/or DIPLOMATIC CARD BEARERS can contact our friendly team 24/hours 7 days a week.

Our AMBASSADORS are skilled in LAW and offer a DIPLOMATIC resolve for the people within TE-MOANA-NUI-A-KIWA.

To order a DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY card for yourself or your child, please contact us:


Phone 1: (+64) 0210424434

Phone 2: (+64)  0212632032

When emailing us - please send us:

1) ADULTS please send us a photo of your driver licence or passport or 18+ card

2) CHILDREN please send us a photo of your birth certificate

3) MAORI please send us the name of your hapu for your WAKAMINENGA O NGA HAPU that sits on top of your card

4) PAKEHA please send us your chosen banner that sits on the top of your card, as * WAKAMINENGA is culturally sacred to MAORI











If you need help choosing your CARD BANNER we can assist you also.



A Wakaminenga is a sophisticated gathering that the Tinorangatira from each Hapuu attends in order to discuss matters of great


Activating your “Wakaminenga O Nga Hapuu” authority is REALLY important – as it allows each Hapuu Tinorangatiratanga Authoritive body the ability to create and enforce Law Making decisions in accordance with Tikanga specifically within their Hapuu territory & also meet annually on the 28th of October at Te Tau O Te Rangatira in Waitangi to pass national LAW.