Due to recent Maori Landowners being criminally charged for Hunting on their own LAND by TURANGI / TAUPO TRUST BOARD MEMBERS and TAUPO JUDGE: MCKENZIE in AUGUST 2020 - we will be offering our services to other Maori Landowners that wish to return their whenua back into UNEXTINGUISHED NATIVE LAND TITLE.

If your land is registered with the MAORI LAND COURT then it is not protected

If your land is registered with a MAORI TRUST then it is not protected 

If your land is registered with LINZ then it is not protected 

The safest way to protect your land for future generations is by returning it to UNEXTINGUISHED NATIVE LAND TITLE.

UNEXTINGUISHED NATIVE LAND TITLE is safe from COUNCIL RATES and other hidden snares that come with registering your land with a MAORI TRUST.

For a one off fee of $500 our team can provide this service for you.

When we provide this service for you - we do not claim any hold over your land - which is what the New Zealand Government does with all of their Land Services such as Maori Land Court.

Our EXPERTS have completed QUALITY ASSURANCE on this service we provide.

If your whanau live on your Maori Land then split the $500 cost up between your whanau so it is affordable, as we do not offer part-pay on this product - as the process cost us money and time to complete on your behalf.

Please contact us if you require this service

Monica Eastick: 

Phone: 0212632032


Peter Martin: 

Phone:  0210424434


Please Note:

You need to provide:

1)  Land Titles

2)  Proof of Panui

3)  An agreement by the living hereditary title holders in the hapu with their signatures to turn the land back to unextinguished native title

4) $500 per block


Once payment is made please allow a month for us to process this service for you.